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Conditions of Membership

In these conditions please read National Youth Orchestra of Ireland where NYOI is used. Conditions of Membership must be adhered to by all players, regardless of age.

Failure to obey rules laid down by the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland will result in players being sent home at their own or their primary carers’ expense.

Age limits / General rules

Applicants must have reached their 12th birthday by 1st September 2019 and must not have reached their 19th birthday by 1st August 2020.

Applicants must be resident in, studying in or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

All players must apply and audition for every season.

NYOI reserves the right of admission under all circumstances.

NYOI reserves the right to make exceptions in age limits and regulations.


No special arrangements can be made for late entries for any reason.

Any attempt to influence the outcome of auditions will disqualify an applicant. Contacting the judging panel in advance will immediately exclude you from the process - canvassing will not be tolerated.

a. Applicants may audition on flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, tenor trombone, bass trombone, tuba, percussion & timpani, harp, violin, viola, cello, double bass. (Wind instrument candidates are encouraged to also audition on their respective doubling instruments – piccolo, cor anglais, E flat clarinet, bass clarinet and contra bassoon.)

b. Violin players may apply to audition as orchestra leader. Leaders are appointed for one course in the first instance.

c. The decision of the NYOI audition panel will be final.


Dates of the winter & summer courses will be advised as soon as they are available.

Players who are offered and accept a place must confirm availability for both courses.

NYOI reserves the right to make changes in dates or repertoire if necessary.

Players must be present at all rehearsals/concerts and will not receive permission to be absent on any day or for any part of a course.

Medical / Permission forms

11. All players must return a signed Fees & Medical form which must also be signed by a primary carer. These signatures confirm that the conditions of membership have been accepted. Conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and eating disorders must be notified regardless of age.

A player who has been in hospital or has attended a GP in the week prior to arrival must bring a doctor’s letter stating fitness to attend.

A player who is unable to rehearse for 24 hours will be asked to leave the course to seek medical attention at home. The decision of the management on this will be final.

Players who need glasses to read music must carry spare glasses.

Course fees are non-refundable except in cases of certified medical illness prior to the start of a course. In these cases 50% of the fee will be refunded. Any greater percentage refund is discretionary. Doctors’ bills incurred on course are billed to players. No refund can be given when players leave a course after arrival.

Rehearsal and performance

17. Players in the orchestra must accept rules concerning group discipline while under rehearsal and performance or in residence. These are based on the Players’ Code of Behaviour (NYOI Child Welfare Policy and Procedures), common sense, safety, consideration for others and the requirements of performance.

18. Players perform in public as members of the orchestra at the discretion of NYOI. Where they are not up to standard for any reason during the courses, the decision of NYOI will be final.

Mobile phones must be fully switched off during all rehearsals and performances.
Members of the orchestra are expected to familiarise themselves with all works on the programme for the upcoming courses through recordings.

Players must have soft pencils for marking music and erasers at every rehearsal.
The policy of NYOI is to conduct closed rehearsals. No-one is permitted to attend rehearsals without invitation. A person who attends without permission will be asked to leave.

All players are expected to be able to work during rehearsals and to perform to the highest level.

In residence and on tour

24. Players may not leave rehearsal, residential or concert venues without permission.

25. Players are not allowed to change bedrooms without permission for security reasons.

26. Contracts with places of residence are made by NYOI. Primary carers/players may not contact institutions directly to make special arrangements.

27. Damage caused to property whether in residence, during rehearsal periods or on tour must be paid for by those responsible.

28. Players must check in with the staff member on duty at every meal and must be in their own bedroom at the designated time each evening.

29. Quiet must be observed in bedrooms after midnight in public and private accommodation in order to allow others who are asleep or who wish to sleep to rest undisturbed.


30. Players participate in courses at their own risk. Primary carers and players must arrange that instruments are insured under all circumstances including travel. Players should not bring valuables on course and should label personal property.

31. Primary carers and players must ensure that instruments are packed in appropriate hard cases. Gig bags are not acceptable.

32. NYOI provides transport for players from their arrival at the course venue until the conclusion of the course at the end of the final concert. All players must use transport provided by the NYOI.

33. Responsibility for players reverts back to parents/guardians at the conclusion of the last concert on each residential course.

34. Players may not purchase or consume alcohol at any time.

35. No player may bring alcohol into buses, bedrooms, rehearsal, residential or concert venues.

36. Penknives may not be brought on course.

37. Bullying or any type of emotional or physical intimidation towards others will not be tolerated.

38. Players are not permitted to smoke on course.

Modified: August 2019

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