The National Youth Orchestra of Ireland

The National Youth Orchestra of Ireland

Audition Applications

The closing date for applications is September 30th @ 2pm.

Apply to audition for NYOI

2022 auditions for NYOI will take place as follows: 

October 7th: Belfast

October 8th: Dublin

October 9th: Dublin

October 21st: Cork

October 22nd: Cork

October 23rd: Galway

Audition times will be sent via email on October 4th.

Candidates will be asked to play two prescribed orchestral excerpts plus a piece of their own choice (all unaccompanied). There are no aural or sightreading tests and we don't ask what your music education history is. It only matters how you play at your audition! Due to limitations at the venue, percussion auditions will only take place in Dublin on the afternoon of October 9th (we will want to hear you on timps, snare and xylophone). Percussion auditions will also take place in Cork on October 22nd. 

Please prepare the excerpts below to play at your audition. 





Double Bass





French Horn






Leadership auditions will happen on the evening of October 9th in Dublin. There will be three parts to your leadership audition: a solo section where you play your orchestral excerpts plus a piece of your own choice, an informal interview and a group audition (where you and the other Leadership candidate take it in turns to lead each other, playing the same excerpts you played in your solo audition. 

Harpists will need to bring their own harp.

Look forward to seeing you!

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